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And so it goes…

Thank you so much for visiting my brand new blog! My name is Jennifer, and I’m a wife, mom, want-to-be-writer and busy homeschooler. When I was a new wife in my twenties, I had a pretty good idea of how things were going to go. Now, in my 40’s with two teenagers, I can tell you that my life and family look nothing like I expected!

I NEVER thought I would be a homeschooling mom of two very different, but awesome, teens who are both on the autism spectrum. My son, Gray, is now 15 and doing very well. My daughter, Hope, is 13 and we’re still struggling with her autism, as well as some very serious health issues that have cropped up in the last several years. I THOUGHT I would have 3 or 4 very typical children and that we would have a very normal, stable, predictable life.

But, autism and health challenges and just LIFE happened, hence, my Best Made, Mislaid Plans. So, despite my very different reality, I’m still here and my family is growing and doing well. I hope that you’ll join me as I share what we do, how we do it, and how we’re coping. By God’s grace, so far, we’re doing just fine.