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You need therapy! You must be on your period!

Not the dog in question but similar scary eyes!

Hope had a medication change about a week ago, and it’s really messing with her sleep patterns. All week, she’s been getting up somewhere between 2-5 am and staying up until 9-10 at night. As you can imagine, we’re all exhausted. The doctor says that she should adjust in the next week or so, but until then, we’re kind of in survival mode. Continue reading You need therapy! You must be on your period!

This Week at the Homeschool

        Lesson plans are ready to go!

We’re getting back into school today after taking a week off for Easter Break. We didn’t get to go anywhere, but we did have a visit from some out of town family that made the week feel a little special. Typically, we visit family in northern California during Spring Break, but since we have a family wedding up that way in a couple of months, we decided to postpone our travels. Continue reading This Week at the Homeschool

A Crazy Little Thing Called…Homeschooling

First day of the school year 2015

I think you might need to be a little bit crazy to home-school, and possibly a whole lot of crazy to home-school special needs kids. However, it is honestly one of the best decisions our family has ever made.

There are many, many reasons we chose to bring the kids home for school, too many to go into in one small blog post. We have had both of the kids in public school, and Gray has been in private school. Our children have had the benefit of working with many wonderful and dedicated teachers who worked hard and loved their classes immensely, and I appreciate the time, effort and love that was given to them both. I’m still friends with many of their previous teachers and I admire them very much, so please know that this decision wasn’t made because we disdain public school, private school or professional educators. Continue reading A Crazy Little Thing Called…Homeschooling


I have received 3 urgent texts from Gray today regarding his birthday wish list. That boy likes to be prepared and he likes to have an inkling of what’s coming. He’s never liked surprises, even good ones.

Although now he’s learned to adapt and not completely FREAK OUT when someone surprises him, it hasn’t always been the case. When he was 3 years old, he used to climb into my bed to snuggle in the early morning after Brad had left for the office. “Mama, what are we going to do today?” And I’d give him a basic itinerary. But I quickly learned that this was dangerous. Continue reading SURPRISE!!!!


On a crisp, cool morning almost 16 years ago, Brad and I left our home as a couple. When we returned, we were a family of three. Gray made me a mommy, and while I know it’s cliché, my heart and life have never been the same. And I wouldn’t want them to be.

He was 8 pounds, 9 ounces of quiet, contemplative baby. He liked to be held, and just look around with his big blue eyes. The hospital staff referred to him as the sweet baby. There was one nurse who called him the Poop Master. But that’s a different story. Continue reading Gray