Happy New Year!

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Happy New Year! And Martin Luther King Jr. Day! And President’s Day! Groundhog Day! Mardi Gras!

I’ve missed a few holidays. I knew that things would get hectic during the holiday season, but I really thought I’d get back on track with the new year. However, things have only gotten busier. Usually, I feel like January is the LONGEST month, but this year it flew by, along with the first half of February.

Here are a few things that have happened over the past few weeks:

We splurged on passes to Disneyland. We got the cheapest annual pass, which has about 200 blackout dates but still puts a dent in the wallet. But we’ve had a few family Disney days and enjoyed ourselves immensely. It’s the Christmas gift that gives all year. Other than the aforementioned 200 or so days we’re not allowed to step foot in the place. But whatever. We’re enjoying going when we can.

She was grumpy when we woke her early, but her face when she realized where we were going! Priceless!

Unfortunately, I got sick right before Christmas and we had to cancel our plans to celebrate with family out of town. It was very disappointing, but we had a nice quiet family celebration at home. Since I wasn’t feeling well, we stocked up on heat and serve foods at Trader Joe’s. It was the most eclectic Christmas dinner ever, but it was fun, and memories were made.

Reindeer antler ring toss was the favorite new Christmas game. So fun!

We finally saw the sea lion show at the aquarium. I’ve always wanted to, but we’ve never been there during show time. I loved it, the kids were ambivalent. Oh well.

One of our Christmas gifts this year was a porch swing. The kids have spent hours out there reading, listening to music and enjoying the fresh air. Might rival the Ezy Roller for best present ever. Maybe.

Gray auditioned for and got his dream role of Gaston in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Junior. He’s rehearsing hard for the show, which will be in May. I’m so proud of him!

Getting audition advice from the man himself. It paid off!

Sweet Hope turned 15 at the end of January! How can she possibly be so grown up? I’m still recovering!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!

Our church partnered with the Tim Tebow Foundation and hosted A Night To Shine this past weekend. It was an incredible night, and there were so many beautiful, touching moments. I’m so grateful for this event and that I got a chance to be there. I’m changed for the better, and if there’s one in your area next year, you should definitely find a way to participate.

She danced the night away!

I hope that the New Year is treating you well, and that you have many, many blessings.

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