The Babygate Scandal

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My children were both diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder within a 2 month period. Gray was diagnosed just before he turned 4, and Hope was diagnosed 2 days before her second birthday. In the blink of an eye, the trajectory of our lives was utterly altered. Continue reading The Babygate Scandal

Visual Processing Disorder Part 1

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Imagine that you are in the middle of a great story. You eagerly pick up your book, excited to find out what happens next. You open the page, but your eyes cannot make sense of what they see. You could read the book yesterday, but today you’ve lost that ability. Continue reading Visual Processing Disorder Part 1

Like, Literally!

In my opinion, “literally” is literally one of the most over-used, incorrectly applied words in the English language. “I mean, I literally jumped 10 feet in the air!” Um, no, you literally did not.

But literal thinking and behavior takes on a whole new meaning when navigating life with children on the autism spectrum. These kids tend to be very literal, concrete thinkers and you must choose your words carefully. Continue reading Like, Literally!

The Mighty!

Something pretty cool happened this week: my blog post titled “Gray” was published on the website The Mighty. They did change the title to “My Boy Showed Signs of Being on the Autism Spectrum as a Baby,” and made a few edits, but it’s pretty much the same article.

The Mighty is a web site that shares stories, triumphs and challenges of people living with disabilities, disease and chronic conditions. It’s also a place for caregivers to share their experiences. It’s meant to be a community of hope and support, and if you haven’t yet, you should check it out.

I’d love it if you’d check out my article on The Mighty. I write because I love to write and it’s how I’m creative, but it’s also pretty cool to see one of my articles on another site. You can find it at


This Week at the Home School (May 22-26)

It is 86 degrees and sunny, but Hope insists on wearing winter hats. Too cute! Here she is enjoying her science project.

It’s our last week of the “official” school year! This doesn’t actually mean a lot for Hope, as I’ll continue to work with her throughout the summer. Although with a bit of a relaxed schedule. Continue reading This Week at the Home School (May 22-26)

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