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Last week, I did a post on some of the gifts that have been big hits for Hope. Today, I want to share the absolute, hands-down most successful gift we have ever given her. I was going to save this for later in the season, but I thought I’d let you know now in case it comes up on sale during Black Friday or Cyber Monday.

So here it is: The EZ Roller!


The EZ Roller is a seated scooter that is controlled by the feet. You make it move by wiggling the feet and hips, and the more you wiggle, the faster you go. It’s also entirely steered by the feet.

Hope was distressed by traditional scooters, because the balancing was so difficult for her that she couldn’t concentrate on the other movements necessary to control it. But she was able to maneuver and control her EZ Roller within a couple of hours of receiving it.

This girl flies when she’s riding! Although it has a hand brake, she’s never been interested in using it. She puts her feet down on the ground and is able to stop very quickly. And it maneuvers great, she’s able to make pretty tight turns with it.

Hope’s had hers for about 3 years now and it’s still in fabulous condition. You can purchase replacement wheels at a reasonable price, but we haven’t needed to yet and that scooter has been used and used and used!



And it’s cool looking! People are fascinated by it and want to try it, so it’s not an obviously adapted toy. It’s just plain fun!

The EZ Roller grows with your child, so it can be used for years. And this year, they also have a new adaptation that’s made for speed. We haven’t tried it, and to be honest, I’m not sure how much faster I’d want Hope to go, but if you’re interested, here it is:


I love watching my daughter enjoy herself, and the EZ roller has given her so much joy and freedom. She likes to ride by herself, but she really loves it when we run behind her with our arms outstretched and chase her like zombies. So we get exercise, too. It’s a win-win!


You can see how much fun she’s having and how easy it is to maneuver and ride. Hands down, this is the best toy we’ve ever purchased for her and it’s worth every penny of the $99 we spent.

I hope this helps! As always,I’d love to hear about what gifts your children have loved, also!

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