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Visual Processing Disorder Part 1

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Imagine that you are in the middle of a great story. You eagerly pick up your book, excited to find out what happens next. You open the page, but your eyes cannot make sense of what they see. You could read the book yesterday, but today you’ve lost that ability. Continue reading Visual Processing Disorder Part 1

This Week at the Home School (May 22-26)

It is 86 degrees and sunny, but Hope insists on wearing winter hats. Too cute! Here she is enjoying her science project.

It’s our last week of the “official” school year! This doesn’t actually mean a lot for Hope, as I’ll continue to work with her throughout the summer. Although with a bit of a relaxed schedule. Continue reading This Week at the Home School (May 22-26)

Bullying? Or, something else?

When you have a child who doesn’t behave typically, you can basically count on stares, comments and occasional questions. It’s just a part of life with special needs children, and since my children, in particular, have pretty much pulled off every appalling behavior you can think of in public, I’m now pretty much beyond embarrassment. Things happen, and life goes on. Continue reading Bullying? Or, something else?