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Like, Literally!

In my opinion, “literally” is literally one of the most over-used, incorrectly applied words in the English language. “I mean, I literally jumped 10 feet in the air!” Um, no, you literally did not.

But literal thinking and behavior takes on a whole new meaning when navigating life with children on the autism spectrum. These kids tend to be very literal, concrete thinkers and you must choose your words carefully. Continue reading Like, Literally!

This Week at the Home School (May 22-26)

It is 86 degrees and sunny, but Hope insists on wearing winter hats. Too cute! Here she is enjoying her science project.

It’s our last week of the “official” school year! This doesn’t actually mean a lot for Hope, as I’ll continue to work with her throughout the summer. Although with a bit of a relaxed schedule. Continue reading This Week at the Home School (May 22-26)

You need therapy! You must be on your period!

Not the dog in question but similar scary eyes!

Hope had a medication change about a week ago, and it’s really messing with her sleep patterns. All week, she’s been getting up somewhere between 2-5 am and staying up until 9-10 at night. As you can imagine, we’re all exhausted. The doctor says that she should adjust in the next week or so, but until then, we’re kind of in survival mode. Continue reading You need therapy! You must be on your period!

This Week at the Homeschool

        Lesson plans are ready to go!

We’re getting back into school today after taking a week off for Easter Break. We didn’t get to go anywhere, but we did have a visit from some out of town family that made the week feel a little special. Typically, we visit family in northern California during Spring Break, but since we have a family wedding up that way in a couple of months, we decided to postpone our travels. Continue reading This Week at the Homeschool

Just Another Manic Monday



I had plans for this week, my friends, big plans. I had a well-rounded program for Hope involving games, motor activities, hands-on science experiments and fun art projects (Shrinky Dinks!) I had the work boxes for each day of the week divvied up and ready to go.

But then. Then, at 3:30 on Monday morning, Hope woke up. It might be more accurate to say that she bounded out of sleep. Full of bounce and energy and just wanting to play. But not by herself. Sleep disturbances go hand in hand with autism. It’s honestly rare that we go through a night without being awakened at least once by Hope. Gray has his challenges with sleep also, but has learned to read, think or pray himself back. But Hope needs a more hands-on approach. Rarely, Hope sleeps through the night. And when she does, Brad and I wake in a panic because we’re so unused to it we’re worried that something is terribly wrong. Continue reading Just Another Manic Monday