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Great Ideas Being Sought!

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It’s Friday afternoon, and I’m cleaning the house. But not just cleaning the house, I’m cleaning up outrageous clutter. I know we’re still in the adjustment period after starting a new and demanding school year, but honestly, enough is enough!

I need better systems, not just for me, but also for my kids. I’ve let them get way too casual about leaving stuff around and I know I’ve done too much picking up after them because it was just quicker and easier to get it done myself.

Now that we have so many appointments, outside classes and commitments, it seems like we’re running around constantly. And we’re dropping things as we come in the door and letting them lie. And it’s not good.

But now, I’m paying the price. I don’t like living in clutter and chaos, and I’m tired of being everyone’s maid. I know there’s a better way, and I need to find it.

At the same time, my people don’t adjust well to huge changes in lifestyle (hello, autism!), and we’re already trying to learn to roll with the new school year and all the therapy and extracurricular demands on our time.

We all need to be a little better acquainted with this guy!

However, I’m pretty sure I could sneak in some subtle changes and lifestyle hacks. Some please, give ’em to me! What simple things do you do with your family to keep a peaceful living environment and make sure everyone is doing their part?

I know it’s never going to look like a spa, but we can definitely do better!

I’m collecting ideas, and I hope to get some great plans for myself, and hopefully for my readers, too. Please hit me with your best simple routines, lifestyle hacks, etc. that give you a little calm in your environment and a little peace of mind. If I can gather enough, I’ll write up a post and share them with everyone.