This Week at the Home School (May 22-26)

It is 86 degrees and sunny, but Hope insists on wearing winter hats. Too cute! Here she is enjoying her science project.

It’s our last week of the “official” school year! This doesn’t actually mean a lot for Hope, as I’ll continue to work with her throughout the summer. Although with a bit of a relaxed schedule.

But it’s pretty exciting for Gray, as his schedule will change quite a bit. He’s already finished grammar, literature and writing work. He completed science, history and Spanish so he’s really just working a bit on vocabulary, math and PE.

He’ll continue to do math through the summer, although not as many lessons per week. We’ve learned that if we take three months off from math, it doesn’t work well for him. He’ll also continue working out and keeping up with Spanish by using the Duolingo app.

He’s got a small summer job lined up, as well as some community service projects that will keep him occupied through the summer. But I know he’s looking forward to a more relaxed pace. So am I!

This week, Hope is working on identifying pennies and learning the words for the numbers. She’s also working on matching related pairs and learning the words for items around the house. Here are some of the ways she’s doing this:

Hope uses an anchor chart with a picture of six items, and the words that go with them. I give her an index card with the word, and she uses the chart to “read” it and attach it to the appropriate item in our house.
She knows “one” and “three”, but that “w” in “two” is still getting to her. The plan is to add “four” and “five” in at the end of the week.
I hope to be able to begin fading out the anchor chart next week and have her actually reading and identifying the words without help.
I used free clip art and pictures to make cards for related pairs. She uses her anchor chart right now to see that shoes go with socks, bird with nest, fish with bowl and pencil with paper. The Velcro lets us change up the order.

For science, we’re still working on water. Hope had a bad cold and ear infection that took a couple of weeks to clear, so we postponed some activities until she was feeling better. But we’re back at it this week. Here’s the book we’re using for science:

I purchased this for $1 at a used curriculum sale. I love it because it is so clear and concise. It has an easy experiment to do with each topic, and the necessary items are easy to get and not expensive.

Today, we planted marigold seeds in three cups. We’re watering two of the cups, but not the third. After plants begin to grow, we’ll stop watering one of those cups and see what happens.

We’ll continue to exercise, work on speech therapy and occupational therapy assignments, and we’re talking about community helpers in social studies. If we can convince Gray to join us, we’ll play a really cute community helpers bingo game that I purchased from

And finally, we’re fighting nature! Pigeons have decided to make a nest on our patio cover, right outside Gray’s bedroom. We don’t want pigeons nesting over the patio, so I’ve been sweeping their nests down before they can get too comfortable and start raising a family. They leave for a couple of days, then come back and try again. If you know of a way to convince them to give it up for good, please let me know!

It has been somewhat educational watching the pigeons try and build their nest. But we are so ready for them to move on already!

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  1. Loved the hat….she is so cute! We have a doves nest outside our dining room. They are actually cute to watch. But the resident bunny, lizards, and doves are driving Chloe nuts. Feel like we are living in a zoo. I would not wanted our nest by the bedrooms either.

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