This Week! (November 5 – 11, 2017)

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We survived Tech Week and Gray’s performances in “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat!” He performed as both Jacob and Potiphar in two shows on Saturday, and he did a fabulous job.

I love, love, love children’s theater. All of the kids poured their hearts and souls into their roles and turned out such great shows. I’m always amazed by how motivated the kids are to do their best even when it’s an exhausting day for them. It was truly a great experience for Gray and now he can’t wait for the show in the spring. His mom, however, isn’t too upset to have a month and half off before rehearsals start up again.

Gray was kind enough to share his mustache with me!

Hope attended the matinée on Saturday and had a wonderful time! She was excited to be in the big theater, she was excited to see our friends and family who had come to root Gray on, and she was SO excited when Gray first appeared on the stage. I really didn’t know if she’d recognize him, but she did. We did have to step out of the theater at one point because she was so pumped up she was having trouble being quiet, but after intermission, she settled down.

Were grateful for our family who traveled so far to support Gray. And for our friends who also came to see him!

It’s Veteran’s Day on Friday, and our family is so grateful for those who have sacrificed and served to protect us. This morning, Hope wrote a letter to a very special veteran in our family and we’ll be sending it off tomorrow with a picture she’s working on.

There are some great charities that provide letters of encouragement to veterans or active service members.  If you don’t have a family member to write to (or even if you do!), please consider writing to someone who has or is serving our country. Operation Gratitude is a great site, and you can find them

Because Brad has Friday off, we’re going to use the day as an opportunity to take a field trip as a family. One thing I love about living in the greater Los Angeles area are the vast opportunities for field trips and learning experiences. I often don’t love the traffic we encounter getting to the field trips, but it’s worth it!

We’ve also finished the soccer season and have the end of the year party this week. Without drama and soccer  practice and games, our schedule just got a lot easier. But we’ll miss it!

The rest of our week is fairly easy, we’ve even had a couple of standing appointments cancel so we have a little free time. We can use the recovery time after the pace of the last few weeks!

One thing I’m really loving about being part of the charter school this year is that Hope has an Adaptive PE teacher we meet once a week at a park. She works with Hope on physical fitness and  motor skills, and Hope enjoys it a lot.

I’m very impressed with the skills she’s gotten Hope to work on , things she wouldn’t do easily for me, she’s willing to give a shot with the teacher. Who knew she’s actually pretty decent at connecting a ball and bat? Last week, she started to learn to shoot baskets.  She’s got a ways to go, but I love that she’s trying with a great attitude.

The time Hope spends with her teacher also gives me a great opportunity to get some exercise. I’ve used the time to walk around the park. I can see Hope doing her lesson, without hovering. And I get more of those elusive steps. I’m really trying for 10,000 a day but it’s hard some days!

I’m considering joining another DietBet that runs from November 28 until just before Christmas. I love the idea of the motivation to keep holiday eating in check, but I hate the idea of keeping holiday eating in check. Anyone else?

A few of my favorite things

I hope your week is wonderful!

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