Time Keeps Marching On – This Week at the Homeschool

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How is it already March 2018? Time is speeding by and my To – Do list just keeps getting longer and longer, but some things are just going to have to wait. I’m really working on the idea of balance.

Did you know that Sunday, March 11, Daylight Savings Time goes into effect? I DREAD time changes. My family doesn’t adjust well, especially to springing forward. Can we just pick a time and stick with already, America? I would love that!

Does anyone know of a time-change protest? I would do that!

Yesterday, Hope just wanted to snuggle up to me on the couch. She cuddled up, and made it clear that she wanted me to stroke her hair and massage her head (I would have liked that, too, but…). I just talked to her, telling her how much we loved her, how much her family loves her and how much God loves her. Then I sang to her for awhile, and she just soaked it up.

She’s usually such a busy girl, always with things to do and toys to play with. It was a rare quiet time with her, and I loved it. It’s been a busy few weeks and I needed some down time with my daughter. There’s something to be said for just being still, it really did restore my soul.

We’ll be having Hope’s tri-annual Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting in just about a week. An IEP is a legal document that outlines what her school will help her do to meet her goals in areas where she’s been shown to have educational deficits. It’s a very big deal, and is held at least once a year, sometimes more if issues come up that need to be addressed.

A tri-annual IEP is an even bigger deal. It involves more comprehensive testing and assessments from all of the professionals in the various fields that address Hope’s needs. So on top of regular therapy appointments, doctor’s appointments, and school, we’ve been having to work in very long appointments for these assessments. We have two of these assessments this week.

I have some pretty strong feelings about all of this, that I’ll most likely be addressing in another post sometime soon. But suffice to say, it’s an exhausting process both physically and emotionally, for both Hope and I.

Sadly, my family suffered a loss just about two weeks ago. My uncle passed away. He was my mom’s  almost Irish-twin (they were just 1 year, 2 weeks apart in age) and a wonderful man. I’m so sad about his loss, and it brings up the sadness of losing my mom, too. They are both very missed.

But I know he and my mom are having the best reunion in heaven! I’m so happy that I’ll see them all again someday, and that they’re happy and out of pain. I can’t even imagine the parties that are happening!

This week, in addition to the assessments and trying to read the reports that are being generated as a result, we’ll also be meeting Hope’s new occupational therapist. I’m excited to see how she can help Hope with her writing and fine motor skills.

Also, we have two specialist follow-ups on the same day. This would be convenient if they were in the same place, but of course they’re not. They’re on opposite ends of LA County!

Gray’s schedule has also heated up. His schoolwork is getting more intense, and he’s in several extra-curricular activities right now. He’s going to be in a musical in May, so he’s got twice-weekly practices as well as weekly voice lessons. But I’m so excited to see him perform!

This year, we’ve outsourced many of his classes, and he’s learning how to juggle expectations from multiple teachers who don’t necessarily care what another teacher has already assigned for the week. It’s great training for college and life, but has made for a bit of a stressful year for him. I’m thankful that his big chemistry test was last week, because working the extra sessions in with his study group would have been difficult this week!

So, in this busy season,  I’m taking it a little easier where I can. A few more heat and serve meals, and occasionally I may even serve cereal for dinner. I’m saying no to some opportunities so that I can work the downtime in when possible. And there’s been some mindless binge watching, I’m not going to lie!

Back when my kids were first diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum, I was in a frenzy of activity. I read everything possible, researched treatments, diets, and anything that could possibly help. When people suggested I slow down, I resisted. My kids needed action, and they needed it now!

But I’ve come to realize the wisdom in slowing down, in taking care of me so that I’m replenished to take care of them. I need some slow days, some downtime, and some alone time or I’ll implode and be no help to anyone.

Not me, but I totally embrace the sentiment!

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, try to carve out some time to rest and replenish. Work in the things that feed your soul and give you your spark. It’s important!

A few things that relate to my thoughts. Enjoy!

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